From: DPW <>

Date: February 20, 2009 3:38:56 PM EST

Subject: DPW-4 Update

Hello Everyone,


Things are still moving along, so we need to start communicating updates on the Workshop.



Abstracts/Intent to Participate 

We would like to have abstracts submitted by 20 April if you would like to present your results at the Workshop.  Abstract might be a too formal description.  Attached is a simple text form with the needed information.  It will also be posted on the web site.



AIAA will be handling the registration for the Workshop along with the general Conference.  The price should be in the $200-250 range.


Conference Related Activities

There will be special session at San Antonio for follow-on studies from previous DPW Workshops.

Wednesday Afternoon / 24 June 2009

Session 103-APA-12 Drag Prediction Workshop Follow-On Studies


The Applied Aerodynamics TC will have a special session at the Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Orlando.  See the Call for Papers:

Special Session: Results from the 4th Drag Prediction Workshop


Results Submittal

We will start working on the data submittal form.  It will again be a simple text form.


Grids used for solutions will need to be submitted if they were not among the provided grids.  The grids can be uploaded or sent on a DVD.  Please contact us for details.


Common Research Model Update

The NASA test of the Common Research Model (CRM) in the NTF wind tunnel is scheduled to begin mid-year.  Results should be available at the ASM Conference.


We hope to obtain the CAD data for the design geometry and the undeflected wind tunnel geometry as well as the FEM model for future studies.


Thank you for your support to make this a successful workshop.



DPW-4 Organizing Committee

Intent to Participate Form:

AIAA 4th CFD Drag Prediction Workshop

San Antonio, TX, June 20-21, 2009

Abstract Submittal Form

Abstract Due Date:  April 20, 2009

Instructions:  Please fill in the fields below to indicate the type of results planned for submittal.



Corresponding Author:

Mailing Address:

E-mail Address:

Solver Code Name:

Grid Style:

Using Supplied Grids? (yes/no):

If yes, which ones?:

If no, describe style to be used:

Optional Case Solutions Planned (2 and/or 3):

Additional comments:

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