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Date: April 3, 2009 2:32:44 PM EDT

Subject: AIAA DPW-4 Participation

Workshop Attendance

In order to help the AIAA planning for the Drag Prediction Workshop in San Antonio, we would like an indication of how many attendees there may be at the Workshop.  Please reply as soon as possible with an estimate of how many people from your organization are planning to attend.


Intent to Participate

Please return the "Intent to Participate" forms if you are intending to submit data.  The earlier you can send in the form before the 20 April deadline, the more it will help us with organizing the Workshop.




DPW Organizing Committee

Intent to Participate Form:

AIAA 4th CFD Drag Prediction Workshop

San Antonio, TX, June 20-21, 2009

Abstract Submittal Form

Abstract Due Date:  April 20, 2009

Instructions:  Please fill in the fields below to indicate the type of results planned for submittal.



Corresponding Author:

Mailing Address:

E-mail Address:

Solver Code Name:

Grid Style:

Using Supplied Grids? (yes/no):

If yes, which ones?:

If no, describe style to be used:

Optional Case Solutions Planned (2 and/or 3):

Additional comments:

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