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Date: June 1, 2009 9:28:23 AM EDT

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Cc: DPW <>

Subject: DPW-IV Update

Hello All,


As usual, we're running a little behind, so late data submittals are not a problem.  Through this week (June 7), we are confident your data will be included in the summary presentation.  After that, we will try to add late submittals as long as we can, but the chances of being included in the summary plots diminishes.  As long as we get your data, you will be allowed to present your results at the Workshop.  Data may be delivered at the Workshop on CD, DVD or thumb drive. 


We will have a DPW Special Session at the Applied Aero Summer Conference in Chicago 2010.  We expect to have the experimental data available at this special session.  All results will be included in the final summary and will be compared with the experimental data.



We have been working with the AIAA Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments (MVCE) TC to learn more about mesh and solution quality issues.  From this effort, Carl Ollivier-Gooch has created an anonymous FTP site ( to capture solutions for this effort.  The DPW-IV provides a great opportunity to advance this effort.


Because of the wide variety of file formats that are possible, the MVCE is working to provide a library of routines to simplify writing solution files in a subset of CGNS (  This subset will be described during the conference and additional information will be available through a link on the DPW-IV website in the near future.  However, if using this file format is an impairment, then any sufficiently described format is acceptable, but using the requested file format will get preferential treatment.


Carl Ollivier-Gooch is planning to create an open source analysis program to encourage the MVCE community to investigate grid metrics.  It will be especially useful to have the solutions on the families of grids for the grid convergence study, but an alpha sweep and any other data will also be useful and appreciated.  We would greatly appreciate any solutions that you would be willing to post to this FTP site to allow analysis now and in the future to address the issue of accuracy and mesh quality.  All grids and solutions submitted to this FTP site will be available for the community to use as a resource for solution analysis.



Remember that any grids created for the Workshop data need to be uploaded.  Please let us know if you need the DPW FTP upload instructions.  If you have any problems with the upload, let us know and we'll coordinate an alternative transfer.




DPW Organizing Committee 



P.S.  We will be switching the official email to at the start of the workshop.