AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop
Malibu Room, Hilton Hotel
Anaheim, CA  June 9-10, 2001
Participant List

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Name Organization Code Type
Andrew Shires, J.E. Alderman, J.J. Doherty DERA SAUNA Structured Multiblock
O.J. Boelens, M. Laban, C.M. van Beek NLR ENFLOW Structured Multiblock
Christopher Rumsey, Robert T. Biedron NASA-Langley CFL3D Structured Multiblock
D. Schwamborn DLR DLR-TAU Unstructured Mixed Element (Node Based)
Mark Rakowitz, B. Eisfeld, H. Bleecke, J. Fassbender EADS Airbus; DLR MEGAFLOW (FLOWer) Structured Multiblock
Z. Zhu, E. Laurendeau, M. C. Bogstad Bombardier (Montreal) FANSC Structured Multiblock
Sutikno Wirogo, Thomas Scheidegger Fluent Fluent Unstructured Mixed Element (Cell based)
George Waller, Ian Fejtek, Eric Hansen Bombardier (Toronto) MGAERO Blocked Cartesian
Shahyar Pirzadeh NASA-Langley USM3D Unstructured Tetrahedral (Cell Based)
Robert Narducci, Eric Unger Boeing-Phantom Works CFL3D Structured Multiblock
Kelly Laflin, Yuping Sun Cessna Aircraft Co. CFL3D Structured Multiblock
Don Kinsey, Meredith A. Saliers Air Force Research Lab, WPAFB Cobalt 60 Unstructured  (Cell based);
Structured Multiblock
Steve Karman Lockheed-Martin, Ft. Worth FALCON;
Structured Multiblock;
Modified Cartesian
Pieter Buning NASA-Langley OVERFLOW Structured Overset
Dimitri Mavriplis ICASE NSU3D Unstructured Mixed Element (Node based)
David Levy Cessna Aircraft Co. NSU3D Unstructured Mixed Element (Node based)
Uriel Goldberg Metacomp Technologies CFD++ Unstructured Mixed Element (Cell based)
J.R. Hooker, B.D. Goble Lockheed-Martin, Georgia USM3D Unstructured (Cell based)
John Vassberg Boeing, Long Beach OVERFLOW Structured Overset
Stéphane Amant Airbus France NSMB Structured Multiblock

Breakdown by organization type:

Industry                  9
University                0
Research                  8
Code Marketer             2

Breakdown by Code Type

Structured Multiblock     8
Overset                   2
Unstructured              8
Cartesian                 1

Breakdown by Origin

US                       13
Canada                    2
Europe                    4

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Dr. Neal T. Frink

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November 6, 2002

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