DPW 6 Geometries

During the course of several grid-generation efforts, there have been some very minor issues identified with the DPW-6 IGES/STEP files which define the CRM WBNP geometry. As a consequence, the DPW Organizing Committee has worked to continually improve the quality of geometry definition. However, thus far, from version V07 through V09, the changes made should not affect the CFD results in any perceptible manner. Some of the issues are directly related to various CAD packages importing the IGES/STEP files and then translating the geometry to their native form, which introduce gaps between surface edges. These issues have been alleviated by providing native part files for some of the more popular CAD software. Other issues include closing a small gap in the fuselage surface near the trailing-edge of the wing-body juncture, and an isolated singularity in the parameterization near the leading-edge of the wing-tip-closure surface. The last two items have not caused problems generating the baseline grids, however, could become an issue if a solution adapted grid happens to focus in near these locations. Hence, it is the DPW Organizing Committees recommendation to use the most recent revision of the geometry files if at all possible. (January 28, 2016)

Reference for Common Research Model geometry:  AIAA 2008-6919.pdf,  5 MB

CAD Models of Common Research Model

Reference Area, S = 594,720.0 in2
Reference Chord, c = 275.80 in
Reference Span, b = 2,313.50 in
Moment Reference (X,Y,Z) = (1,325.90, 468.75, 177.95) in

Version 09; February 4, 2016

(Updated STEP file March 10, 2016. Added missing 3 degree case to the STEP file.)

IGES Files:

STEP Files:

CATIA V5 (version 23) Files:

Parasolid (version R25) Files:
Notes on geometry files:

Version 08; August 1, 2015

IGES Files:

STEP Files:
Notes on geometry files:

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