Presentations from 6th AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop

Code Type Name Organization
Session 1 - Opening Remarks: Agenda, Purpose, CRM Geometry/Design and Test Cases
Opening Remarks John Vassberg Boeing
CRM Baseline Grids: Boeing Overset John Vassberg Boeing
CRM Baseline Grids: NASA Unstructured Joe Morrison NASA Langley
CRM Baseline Grids: Other Grids Olaf Brodersen DLR
CRM Experimental Data Melissa Rivers NASA Langley
Aeroelastic Deflections Overview Stefan Keye / Mark Gammon DLR / International TechneGroupy
Session 2 - Participant Presentations I
OVERFLOW 2.2k Structured Tony Sclafani Boeing
OVERFLOW v2.2l Structured Jim Coder Penn State Applied Physics Lab
SUMad Structured Gaetan Kenway University of Michigan
Session 3 - Participant Presentations II
elsA Structured David Hue ONERA
FloEFD Structured Chris Watson Mentor Graphics
Cflow Unstructured Taku Nagata Kawasaki Heavy Industries
TAS Unstructured Yasushi Ito JAXA
Session 4 - Participant Presentations III
CFD++ Unstructured Brian Edge Metacomp
CFD++ Unstructured Rodrigo Felix de Souza Embraer
Fluent Unstructured Krishna Zore Ansys
BCFD / GGNS Unstructured Todd Michal Boeing
Session 5 - Participant Presentations IV
COFFE / KCFD Unstructured Ryan S. Glasby University of Tennessee
Edge Unstructured Ales Prachar VZLU
FaSTAR Unstructured Atsushi Hashimoto JAXA
Session 6 - Participant Presentations V
OpenFOAM Unstructured Neil Ashton University of Oxford
FUN3D Unstructured Khaled Abdol-Hamid NASA Langley
TAU Unstructured Stefan Keye / Olaf Brodersen DLR
HiFUN Unstructured N. Balakrishnan Indian Institute of Science
Session 7 - Participant Presentations VI
ZCFD Unstructured Andrei Cimpoeru CFMS, Zenotech, ARA
Powerflow Lattice-Boltzman Benedikt Konig Exa
Stallion3D Unstructured Patrick Hanley Hanley Innovations
uSICS Unstructured Dominic Chandar Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore
Session 8 - Summary Presentation
DPW-VI Summary of Participant Data - Verification Study (Case 1) Chris Roy Virginia Tech
DPW-VI Summary of Participant Data - CRM Cases 2-5: Force/Moment/Cp Ed Tinoco Retired
DPW-VI Summary of Participant Data - Statistics Joe Derlaga NASA Langley
DPW-VI Summary of Participant Data - TE/SOB Separation Olaf Brodersen / Kelly Laflin DLR / Cessna
DPW-VI Summary of Participant Data - Cases 5: Coupled Aero/Structural Stefan Keye / Dimitri Mavriplis DLR / University of Wyoming
Session 9 - Summary / Closing
Open Discussion John Vassberg Boeing


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