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1st AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop

Sponsored by the Applied Aerodynamics TC

A 2-Day Workshop Preceding the 19th APA Conference
9-10 June 2001, Anaheim, CA




Program and Presentations


Participant List and Test Case Results


Test Cases

Definition of test conditions for required and optional test cases:

Test conditions: cases.pdf, 5KB

A description of how the geometry was put together:


DLR-F4 Data Reference:

AGARD-AR-303, Aug. 1994: agard-ar-303.pdf, 742KB

GARTEUR TP-018, 1985, A comparison of Experimental Results for the Transonic Flow around the DFVLR-F-4 Wing Body Configuration: Final Report

Data files: bwma60.txt (18KB), bwma75.txt (17KB),  bwma80.txt (17KB), cpdra.txt (48KB), cpnlr.txt (48KB),  cpone.txt (52KB).  See Tables 1-3 in AGARD-AR-303 for a description of the data files.

Do not consider the data in this report the "correct" answer. The computations for this workshop will be fully turbulent. We are not necessarily testing how well we can match wind tunnel data (you will note the drag data is provided with only 2 significant digits). The statistical analysis will emphasize the comparisons within the computational results.

Statistical Framework:

The following link describes the statistical framework that will be used to compare the code results from the participants and includes a detailed example based on the results from a similar, but less extensive, study done in Europe. Statistical Framework

Workshop Committee

Participant Affiliation
Shreekant Agrawal The Boeing Company
Phantom Works
David W. Levy  The Cessna Aircraft Company 
John Vassberg  The Boeing Company
Phantom Works
Tom Zickuhr  The Cessna Aircraft Company 
Richard A. Wahls  Configuration Aerodynamics Branch
NASA Langley Research Center 
Michael J. Hemsch  Research Facilities Branch
NASA Langley Research Center 
Bastiaan Oskam  National Aerospace Laboratory, NLR 
Shahyar Pirzadeh  Configuration Aerodynamics Branch
NASA Langley Research Center 
Rick Matus  Pointwise, Inc. 
Juergen Quest  ETW GmbH 

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Wing-body test case

Color graphic: dpwfig1.jpg, 43KB


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